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Our Story

Breaking the stereotype

Uplifting the San Antonio East Side

I’m Michael Brown, owner of Tank’s Pizza. So many things drew me to cooking. When I talk about food, I think about my grandmother, it just brings out an immediate burst of happiness. I'm the only Black pizza shop owner in the City of San Antonio. I've been to other places where I've walked in and they figure out who I am or find out what I do and ask “Who do you think you are?” A Black man with a pizza restaurant? Why couldn't I own a barbecue shop or a soul food spot, or a fried chicken spot, right? That's always the stereotype. But it's so worth it.


I decided to start a business because it made sense. I felt like I was really good at it. I felt like I was passionate about it. I knew I had the work ethic and wanted to show my kids that there was absolutely nothing wrong with working hard and especially working hard for yourself. I can just remember how I grew up and how important someone like me would have been in my community. Seeing someone of my race to be successful in a business setting, especially in a high crime and high poverty area. Some would say it's not supposed to be that way - but it’s so worth it.


When you walk in, you’re at home - and we are going to treat you as such.

Owner & Executive Chef

Mike Brown

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